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The Caspian Sea seems to occupy more of the worlds information space in the Internet than on the worlds physical map.
The reason for this is the interest of the worlds community to the Caspian Region, encouraged by different events, the most important of which is the development of new hydrocarbons deposits.
Attention is given to the questions of the natural history of the Caspian Sea, the fluctuation of sea level which is in close connection to the climate change not only in the sea basin but far beyond its borders.
Hydro-meteorological conditions changes, playing an important part in the life of the Caspian Sea, combine with the influence of economical activity, especially sea environment pollution, on its ecosystem.
The study of meteorological, hydrological and hydro chemical conditions and the Caspian Sea pollution condition is the main task of Caspian Marine Scientific Research Centre (KaspMNIZ). KaspMNIZ, founded in 1995, is state scientific institution of the Federal Service of hydrometeorology and environment monitoring (Roshydromet).
Roshydromet in the Caspian Region is also represented by industrial organizations: Astrakhan, Dagestan and Kalmykia centers of hydrometeorology and environment monitoring (CHEM) which are subdivisions of North Caucasus Agency of hydrometeorology and environment monitoring (NC AHEM).
Research of the Caspian Sea is also carried out by other scientific organizations of Roshydromet: State Institute of Oceanography (SIO), All-Russian Sientistic Research Institute of Meteorological Information (VNIIGMI), Hydrometeorological centre of Russia (HCR), State Institute of Hydrology(SIH), State Institute of Geochemistry (SIG) and Central Geophysical Observatory (CGO).
The sites of scientific and industrial institutions of Roshydromet and the Unified Information System on the World Ocean condition (UIS WOC) comprise a lot of information about the Caspian Sea. Weve decided to concentrate on the questions of hydro meteorological and ecological safety by creating special columns. Another site item Measurement and assessment is aimed at the audience who is not satisfied by the abundance of information and trusts only facts and figures. The development of assessment, diagnosis and forecasting methods is one of the main research trends of Caspian Marine Scientific Research Centre, and you can get acquainted with the research results in the column Scientific papers. For site visitors who need additional information we have created Caspian scientific library. Links for the most popular editions encyclopedia and Caspian Sea sailing directions are presented separately.

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