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FESCO Transportation Group, in cooperation with the Maritime port of Olya, is launching the Trans-Caspian intermodal service FESCO Russia Iran Service (FRIS), to carry out freightage between Russia and Iran.
The service includes shipping over the Caspian, railway and/or motorway transportation over Russia, highway transportation over the territory of Iran, as well as transshipment in ports Olya and Nowshahr or Bandar-e Anzali. Accepted for shipping are containerized and general cargoes; the shipping is performed in accordance with FESCO’s through bill of lading. The estimated en-route time between the Russian port of Olya and the Iranian ports is 5 days. The test consignment of containers loaded with industrial freights was delivered to Iran on March 13, 2016. Total en-route time over the 3,800 meters route between St. Petersburg and Nowshahr was 18 days. New shipments of foodstuffs and perishable goods, among other freights from Russian and Iranian regions, are scheduled for late March — April 2016.
The launch of trans-Caspian service opens up new opportunities for the development of transport network between Russia and Iran. Shipping by sea, forming the core of the service, allows to minimize the rates and transit time, compared to the overland route.


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