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High flood level and showers in June will be observed in Astrakhan region for the following four or five years. This view was expressed by Director of Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center (KaspMNIZ), Dr. S.Monakhov in his interview to TASS. 
"In our opinion, the humid period will last for four or five years. According to our forecast, Astrakhan should get prepared for thunderstorms in May, showers in June, heavy snofall in January and high spring floods", said the expert. 
According to Dr. Monakhov, a big amount of precipitations is connected with the change of hydrometeorological conditions. These fluctuations are cyclic in nature, though they shouldn´t be considered as climate change. The increased amount of precipitations in the Volga basin will inevitably lead to the increase of the Caspian Sea level. It will become obvious in the coastal areas next year. The spring flood in one of the following two years is expected to be higher than in 2016. So, the issue of flood protection is to be closely considered. 
Dr. Monakhov noted, that KaspMNIZ had forecasted higher flood levels in 2016-2017 before, though some experts were sceptical about it.
Earlier the expert informed that the Caspian Sea level will start to rise after 2016-2017, and for the following six-seven years it will increase by 3--40 cm. In 2015, the Caspian Sea level was by 28 m lower than the World Ocean level. The minimum sea level was registered in 1977, when it measured -29 m. 

«ЛУКОЙЛ» инвестирует в месторождение Ракушечное на Каспии, ввод которого запланирован на 2021 год, около 500 млрд. рублей

Премьер-министр РФ подписал распоряжение, которым одобрен проект соглашения между правительствами прикаспийских государств о торгово-экономическом сотрудничестве

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