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Aktau’s new northern seaport officially became an international port when an Iranian ship was loaded with Kazakh metal and grain there.
“This is the first Iranian ship that has arrived for loading at the new Aktau seaport. The seaport was put into operation in the summer of 2015, but it was only used as a domestic seaport, because it had no customs body. … Today, the first foreign vessel arrived at the northern port, because it can operate with foreign ships from today and now has the status of an international seaport,” said Deputy Akim of Mangistau region Rakimbek Amirzhanov, Kapital.kz reports.
The vessel was loaded with 45 tonnes of metal from Karaganda and grain from North Kazakhstan. The northern seaport is technically equipped for large weights and has the ability to unload 80,000 tonnes of grain at once with its new cranes. The port also has an elevator that can store 30,000 tonnes of grain.
Having two seaports gives Kazakhstan’s producers of grain and other goods an option, and today, a real competition between the seaports has started.
The opening of the new port has made it possible to employ more people. A state programme supported a staff training programme for local young people, who now work as dockers, tallymen, mooring masters and slingsmen.
It is possible that the port will be used to import goods from Iran in the future. Amirzhanov said it was highly likely that agricultural products from Iran will be imported, especially oranges and mandarins, which can’t be grown in Kazakhstan. This will enhance cooperation and will make such goods cheaper in Kazakhstan.


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