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The representatives of the Caspian states, including the heads and key specialists of the sectoral ministries and departments of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russian and Turkmenistan held a regular session in Ashgabat. 

The agenda of meeting organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Committee for Fishing Industry and the State Enterprise on the Caspian Sea under the President of Turkmenistan focused on the approval of the draft Protocol of cooperation to struggle against the illegal production of biological resources (poaching) on the Caspian sea. 

The document developed by the Turkmen side is to amend the Agreement on cooperation to ensure security in the Caspian Sea, which was signed within the framework of the III Summit of the Caspian states in Baku (Azerbaijan) in 2010. 

The meeting participants called for the adoption of a complex of joint measures aimed at the preservation and enhancement of the natural gifts of the Caspian Sea. The systematic monitoring of the status of biological resources and the marine environment of the unique water reservoir - the true pearl of nature with extremely diverse flora and fauna was specified among the urgent tasks. 

The meeting participants emphasized that only a comprehensive approach and the combined efforts of the international community in addressing the global challenges of our time, including environmental protection, environmental management and preservation of biological diversity of the Caspian Sea, will give a real positive effect.


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