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The International Economic Forum "Caspian Dialogue" held on 14 April 2017 in Moscow became a platform for exchanging experiences and discussing the prospects of multilateral co-operation of the Caspian littoral states. 
Director of Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center (KaspMNIZ), Dr. Sergey Monakhov called for immediate actions to elaborate Protocol to the Tehran Convention on prevention of  Caspian Sea pollution resulting from seabed activities and to introduce the concept of "zero discharge" into the Protocol. He also put forward a proposal to organize All-Caspian Conference on Strategic Environmental Assessment of Oil and Gas Complex.
Another issue covered by KaspMNIZ representative, Dr. Galina Monakhova, was the way pollutants enter the marine environment and self-purification of marine water. According to her, one of the main self-purification mechanisms of the Caspian Sea is a so-called "marginal filter" in the Volga estuary, converting pollutants from dissolved state to suspended matter, and a "lithodynamic conveyor", transporting suspended pollutants from the Volga estuary to the deepwater Central Caspian. Due to this mechanism, the sea is purified of the pollutants entering it with the river runoff and transported from other sea parts. 
Several reports were devoted to the catastrophic state of sturgeon population in the Caspian Sea and the use of new molecular and genetic methods to assess the scale of artificial sturgeon breeding, which is not enough to restore sturgeon population.

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