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Lukoil has completed the construction and commissioning of the fifth production well at Vladimir Filanovsky offshore field in the Caspian Sea and commenced the construction of the sixth well that is going to be used for water injection.

The fifth well has a bilateral horizontal design. The horizontal length of the main bore is 1,429 m, while the length of its sidetrack is 1,612 m. The new well has significantly increased the field´s daily production with over 14,000 tons of oil produced on June 13, 2017, or 5 million tons on an annualized basis. The works are carried out to achieve the well´s design operating conditions.

The construction of facilities under Phase 2 field development are performed in accordance with the plan. As of today, the topside of the offshore ice-resistant fixed platform (IRP-2) was installed on the substructure. The next step will be the transportation of the living quarters platform´s (LQP-2) topside from the shore to the field under Phase 2 development. ​


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