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The Transport Committee of the Kazakh Ministry for Investment and Development announced the strengthening of measures aimed at protecting security in the Caspian Sea.
It is planned to ratify the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage of 2001 and the Protocol of 1992 on the Amendment of the International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage of 1969, according to the statement.
Currently, the law provides for the liability of the ship-owner for damage only from oil pollution transported as cargo. However, bunker fuel is no less a threat. Ratification of the Convention will establish the responsibility of the ship-owners in case of pollution of the sea with such fuel. In addition, there will be a requirement for compulsory insurance of pollution risk and a compensation mechanism for persons who have suffered damage from spillage of bunker fuel. Currently, 75 countries are parties to the Convention.
Ratification of the Protocol will allow updating the liability regime of the ship-owner for damage from oil pollution during transportation by tankers. A similar regime operates in 133 states. It is also planned to increase the amount of liability insurance for the ship-owner from $20 to $126 million. The amount of compensation for damage from oil pollution will be differentiated depending on the ship´s displacement. The scope of civil liability will be extended to the exclusive economic zone.
In parallel with the ratification of these documents, the Committee is working on amending the national legislation on transport issues. In particular, the law "On Merchant Shipping" provides for the competence of the Ministry for Investment and Development regarding the approval of the rules for the prevention of pollution from ships.
In 2017, measures to protect ships and port infrastructure from terrorist threats were strengthened. Thus, there are requirements for the necessity of regular assessment of port security. In addition, it is now necessary to have a special plan for prompt response in the event of an attack in every port and on every ship.


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